Colorful Glass Black Iron Candle Lanterns

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A rainbow of style will shine bright on your tabletop, hanging from your ceiling, or casting a colorful glow on your back porch or patio. 

  • Tabletop or Hanging
  • Embossed Pressed Glass Panels
  • Orante Cut-outs
  • Hinged Door
  • Iron
  • 4.5" x 3.75" x 10.25" Tall
  • Candle Not Included

Seven Vibrant Glass Colors To Choose From:

  1. Grass Green      BPT#:  CL-10013244
  2. Cherry Red        BPT#:  CL-10013245
  3. Blueberry           BPT#:  CL-10037438
  4. Crystal White     BPT#:  CL-10014118
  5. Sunset Orange  BPT#:  CL-10001058
  6. Mulberry            BPT#:  CL-10015221
  7. Purple Plum      BPT#:  CL-10016122