BPT-FYI: Sittin' on the Back Porch Talkin'

Informative articles and inspiring stories about living country, working on the family farm, and providing sustainable farm-to-table solutions, written by Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Bill Hornickel.

What Do The Labels Mean?
Organic, Cage-free, Free-Range?  Aunt Carolyn takes a closer look at what the labels actually mean and how they are used in marketing.  Plus FDA & USDA regulations on refrigerating and washing eggs.

4-11-14 Easy Peel Perfect Boiled Eggs
We all know how true farm-fresh eggs are so are hard to peel.  Here's Aunt Carolyn's tried and true method for easy peel, perfect boiled eggs.  No salt. No vinegar. No hassles.  No waste.  Just perfect, easy peel boiled eggs, every time!