Back Porch Talkin' Blogs

Since we can't go visitin' everyone, like we would like to, we're gonna be doing some back porch talkin', 21st-century style.

Sharing with folks, not particularly one certain topic, but a plethora of thoughts, knowledge, ideas, how-to's, DIY, life experiences, and some laughter as if sittin' on our back porch talkin.

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Back Porch Talkin'
Who knows what subjects will be covered here.  This blog is the true essence of the meaning of back porch talkin': The natural ability to communicate with others, face-to-face on any topic that comes to mind

Back Porch Chickens
Whether you have a few chickens as pets, raise them to provide food for your family, or sell eggs locally at the farmer's market; chickens have always been the iconic image of a country family farm. Aunt Carolyn takes a closer look at chickens; the food they provide us, the many breeds, and our love for these amazing animals.

Farmer's Garden
Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bill share their thoughts, tips, advice, know-how's, recipes, and laughter about gardening and the love of old tractors from a farmer's perspective, plus garden vegetable history.