Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange: Our Story--Livin' the Dream

In 1994, I started my first mail-order business, "Carol's Unique Goods",  offering the "Zodiac Mood Watch" in local newspapers, "The Grit", "Fate Magazine", and yes, "The Enquirer".
My mother and I would wait with excitement each day for the mail to arrive.  
We would set at the kitchen table typing up invoices on a rickety typewriter and packaging our single product to be shipped out to our wonderful customers.
Back then I didn't think being in the mail-order business could be any more fun or rewarding.
However, all that changed on October 6, 2004, when Uncle Bill walked through the doors of my catalog gift shop "A Unique World of Goods", on the square, in Salem, Indiana
And as they saying goes...the rest is history!

"Life is truly a journey and we're enjoying the ride together."

We are a family-owned, specialty farm-to-table country store, located on our farm in Laconia, Indiana.

Whether we're sitting on our back porch talkin', telling a few tall tales, writing another book, working on our family farm, or performing our "Livin' Country" comedy show together on the Back Porch Talkin' sound stage at local festivals and events, we are always thankful to be livin' country!

Carolyn & William performing their "Conflict of Interest"  LOL routine at Lanesville Heritage Weekend Festival September 2016

It is our honor and pleasure to bring to your home our way of life.

From the simple beginnings, back in 1994, at the kitchen table with just one product
and a dream to this day with over 1500 products, the excitement is still there.
Except now the mail is delivered on the TV computer.

Like Mother always said, "Do good to others and it will come back ten fold."

Our policy is simple...treat others like you would like to be treated,
with honestly, respect, a smile, and laughter.  

Quality service and strict privacy to our clients is our number one priority.  Period.

We're committed to baking and creating quality handcrafted goods from the finest and freshest ingredients available.  
We offer a wide range of goods from farm fresh, free-range eggs, hand tossed breads, and garden herbs sold locally and here at our farm; to natural freshly-baked dog cookies, new farmhouse, country decor, furniture, and gifts for your home, garden, porch and yard offered on our web site; to vintage goods like antiques, furniture, books, collectibles, classic LP's and DVD's at our annual yard sales.
You never know what you'll find at Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange.

Our Mission:
Sharing the knowledge of the past while using its wisdom to help keep us growing into the future.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
We appreciate your patronage.

Sincerely,Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Bill: Owners Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange
Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Bill