4-11-14: Easy Peel Perfect Boiled Eggs


 Easy Peel Perfect Boiled Eggs

Remember these numbers:  4-11-14
The easiest, tried and true tested way to boil farm-fresh eggs.
No salt. No vinegar. No hard peeling. No waste.
Just perfect boiled eggs every time, even after refrigeration!

STEP 1:  Place farm-fresh eggs in pan, cover with 1" of water

STEP 2:  Brings egg to full rolling boil. Set timer: 4 Minutes

STEP 3: After 4 minutes, turn off heat, leave on stove. Cover. Set Timer: 11 Minutes

STEP 4: After 11 minutes, remove from stove.  Drain in sink.  
Be careful water is extremely hot. Leave in Pan

STEP 5: Cover drained, hot boiled eggs completely with ice

STEP 6: Fill pan with cold water.  Set Timer: 14 Minutes

STEP 7:  Remove eggs from cold water. Place on paper towel

STEP 8:  Pointed end down, crack egg on counter

STEP 9:  Turn egg to rounded end. Crack down on counter

STEP 10: Gently roll egg back and forth on counter or between your hands

Egg shell will roll off in one piece!   

Easy Peel Perfect Boiled Eggs Every Time!

Be sure to rinse all eggs after peeling them.
Let us know that you tried our 4-11-14 method for the perfect, hassle-free boiled egg!

We tested Aunt Carolyn's 4-11-14 method with store bought eggs.  Instantly we noticed how much thinner the actual egg shell was.  When cracking store bought eggs, pointed end down first, don't hit the end as hard as you would a farm-fresh egg.  The store bought egg is more fragile.  Gently tap both ends, then apply slight pressure when rolling on counter top. 4-11-14 worked fine on store bought eggs, just be gentle during the process or the egg will not peel properly.
Another thing we noticed was the smell of the store bought boiled egg.  
Very strong sulfur smell and the yellow was very light.  
Uncle Bill immediately said, "I don't want to eat that thing!"
The egg was fine, but it truly just not the same texture, smell, look, or rich taste as our farm-fresh eggs.       

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