Aunt Carolyn's Sweet Nectar Hummingbird Food Recipe

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Hummingbirds at our feeder while sitting on our back porch talkin'

We have used this handed-down 75 year old recipe to attract dozens of hummingbirds to our back porch every year.

Homemade Hummingbird Food Recipe:
4 Cups Cane Sugar: We use Domino Pure Cane Sugar
2 Quarts Water
1-2 quart plastic water pitcher
Permanent Black Marker

Mark the water pitcher with a permanent black marker:  Hummingbird Food
Fill the 2 quart pitcher, 2-3 inches from the top with filtered water.
Pour water into a 3 quart sauce pan
Bring water to a rolling boil
Turn water heat down to medium to low seating
Wait for water to come to a medium boil or simmer
Slowly add the 4 cups of Cane Sugar
Stir constantly until sugar completely dissolves
Water should not be cloudy and feel thicker
Remove from heat
Let stand until completely cooled
Pour cooled hummingbird food into labeled pitcher
Place in refrigerator for 24 hours
After 24 hours hummingbird food is ready to be used
Fill your feeder 1/2  full
Replace every 2 days or when empty
Keep unused home-made nectar refrigerated

Do not add any food coloring.  It is not needed to attract hummingbirds. Their keen sense of smell will attract them to your feeder.  Red dye can actually harm a hummingbird. Be patient they will come.
Depending on where you live, start feeding hummingbirds around the first of May and remove feeders by the end of September so the hummingbirds will start migrating to warmer climates.

Picture taken at our family farm while we were sittin' on our back porch talkin'.

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