What Is Back Porch Talkin'?

Posted by Carolyn Hornickel on

Exactly what is Back Porch Talkin'?  I'm not referring to this website, the name of our business, or the book Uncle Bill and I wrote. 

So what is it?  Back porch talkin' is the natural ability to communicate with others, face-to-face on any topic that comes to mind.

In this fast-paced 21st century world we all live in, people have lost the human art of personally communicating with others or back porch talkin'.  It is so much easier to pick up a device to text someone, instead of taking the time to actually go visit, sit down and talk.

I'm quite the old-fashion woman.  I still remember, going to my grandmother's farm on Sundays where family, friends, and neighbors would congregate around a pitch-in-dinner, then afterward, folks would sit around on the back porch, in the yard, or under a shade tree and just chat about any subject that would come up.

 Uncle Bill and I take this lost art of communicating to local fairs using our back porch talkin' sound stage.  Folks tell us all the time that they wished people still did this with their families, but life has just become too busy.

Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bill sitting on the Back Porch Talkin'

We truly enjoy talking to folks, sharing a few laughs, singing a couple of songs, and taking the time to learn from others.

And this is exactly what the Back Porch Talkin' blog is about: A place to share with everyone, not particularly one certain topic, but a plethora of thoughts, knowledge, ideas, how-to's, DIY, life experiences, some laughter and maybe a few tall-tales. 

Since we can't go visitin' everyone, like we would like to, we're gonna be doing some back porch talkin', 21st-century style.

You never know what you'll discover or learn about, so we hope you join us and come sit awhile on our back porch talkin'.


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