Bringing Christmas Early This Year

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Country Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange

I know, I know, it's just the first of September and I'm already adding our line of country farmhouse Christmas decor.
Reason why; simply because our unique holiday decor sell out fast.  Last year we waited until October to showcase our Christmas collection and I was so disappointed when I had to start refunding folks their money.

You know how it is, you see that special piece that you want in your home to decorate during the holiday season only to find out that it is sold out.  What a bummer.  I don't like this happening to me, so I wouldn't want to do that to you.

Enchanting Baby Animals "Joy" LED Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange

I've been looking around to find truly unique country Christmas decor and comparing the prices from other online stores to insure what we offer is below retail to help you save money this holiday season.
We don't have a huge inventory in stock and being a home-based family business, it takes time to add products and to keep up with what's in stock with our suppliers. So, I'm getting a jump start this year for the convenience of online family. 

Over the next week, I will be adding our complete holiday decor section. In the meantime check out what's new and come back often to see what's been added.

Have fun this year with Christmas Bingo and save some green!

A fantastic way to share the Christmas spirit and to save money is by playing Christmas Bingo.
My large family does this every year.  It's so fun to watch adults win at bingo, then go pick out a surprise gift under the tree, just like when they were a child being caught up in the wonderment of the Christmas spirit.

To ensure everyone gets a surprise gift, before starting the game, let folks know that only one gift per person, however gifts have been numbered, so when bingo is over, put the the remaining gift numbers in a box and have those who didn't win at Bingo, draw a number for their gift.

A great way to get those surprise Christmas Bingo gifts and to save money is with Grab Bag Fun!  Especially the larger grab bags.

You pick the price, then we'll fill the grab bag with unique gifts valued up to 3 times the amount you paid.  The surprising fun part is you never know what you'll receive, but rest assure your grab bag will contain brand new, sealed-in-the box quality merchandise, not cheap novelty items.

Want to be just as surprised at the winners?  Then don't cheat.  When your larger grab bag arrives, do not open the boxes, just wrap them.  You'll get double the joy of spreading the Christmas spirit; not only will it be a surprise for the gift receiver but for you, too!  Everyone wins with Christmas Bingo!

HO HO HO!  Here's your 10% discount code:  CFCD-10FORME!

Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate you being here.  If you have any comments or questions about our Country Farmhouse Christmas decor or Grab Bag Fun!, just leave them in the space below.  I try to answer comments within 24 hours.


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