A Country Christmas To Remember

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Yep, I'm a big kid and I love Christmas! I'm so excited about the new line of country Christmas decor that I've found for this holiday season that I just had to blog about them.  Each day as I scout suppliers, I'm like a kid searching under the Christmas tree to find that one special gift that brings the magic of Christmas into my heart and that our online family will treasure for years to come. 

The holiday shopping season will be here before we know it , so I'm getting a jump on this year's farmhouse Christmas decor to ensure you get the items you've been searching for before they are sold out. Plus, I've created a discount code to help you get a early start of saving more this Christmas. (Hint: It's at the bottom of page.)

Let me cheerfully introduce to you some of the latest products I've found for this country Christmas season.

This Country Christmas Advent Calendar caught my eye the moment I seen it.  It reminds me of days gone by when the magic of Christmas began the evening of Thanksgiving.  After the having a wonderful meal with my family, we would begin digging out the Christmas decorations to start preparing for the holiday season. I couldn't wait until the tree was up and for the packages to start appearing under it as the days went by.  This rustic advent calendar keeps that holiday spirit alive.  You fill each box with a special treat, a good time to do this would be after your Thanksgiving meal, then place the advent calendar on your mantel or on a table by the tree.  Trust me, it will be hard, LOL, to keep everyone out of it. Then beginning December 1st, your family can open a door every day to build up the anticipation of a magical country Christmas. Sure to become a time-honored tradition in your home for years to come.

I was so happy to see I was able to get this Vintage Light Up Delivery Truck back this year.  It sold out so quickly last year, I had to remove it from the sight before Halloween.  Who know that such a retro piece would be so popular.
It is adorable that's for sure and would be a perfect addition to your country Christmas decor.  I love the fact that the fully decorated Christmas tree in back of the truck actually lights up.  The red ribbon on the wreath and the dusting of snow on the truck only adds to the "by-gone days" this piece represents.

Galvanized JOY Wall Hanging Country Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country ExchangeWhat do you get when you combine distressed white wood, burlap, and galvanized tin at Christmas time?  Pure country "Joy"!

A must have for your country farmhouse Christmas decor.  Three wood plates hang together by burlap and feature galvanized letters on each to spell out joy!
This Galvanized Joy Wall Hanging is 27" long and each wood plate is 7.25" diameter.  A great rustic piece that you can hang to spread joy throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Everyone knows Santa loves his cookies and milk.  Now you can have a special place to keep the genuine North Pole recipe (of course it really contains your famous, mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies, but we won't tell), for your family to enjoy this holiday season.  I love the look of this Vintage Label Santa's Cookies Jar and just have to add it the Country Christmas collection. 
Vintage Santa's Cookies Jar - Country Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange

What is it about galvanized country decor?  Does it reminds us of days gone by or is it its pure rustic charming appeal?  Here's just a few of the galvanized items I found for you to complete your farmhouse country Christmas decor.

Galvanized Merry Christmas Reindeer Candle LanternCountry Angel Wings Farmhouse Candle Holder - Country Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange  Galvanized Merry LED Candle Lantern Country Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange  

I know it's many weeks before Christmas, but I'm not Amazon or Wal-Mart, and the holiday shopping season will be here before I know it. It truly saddens my heart when I have to tell a customer that a product is out of stock during the holiday shopping season, and no, it's not about having to refund their money.  It's about doing a good job and supplying folks with what they truly want.  I firmly believe that you do unto others have you would have them do unto you.  Those big corporates have forgotten the true meaning of customer service. 

With us, the small business owner, we have not forgotten what it means to provide a service with a smile and to personally take the time to know our clients. 
We still take pride in what we offer and are humbled when we make another sale.
To us, it's more than the money; it's about working hard, doing a good job, and feeling a deep satisfaction of doing what we love while sharing it with others. 

I don't know about you, but I would rather do business with a family owned store than to line the pockets of the big corporations with my hard earned money.  I know that the money I spend there with help their family and business grow. 

All the time I see small businesses going out of business everyday simply because keeping up with the big guys can be a bit taxing at time for home town, small business owners.  We do not have a staff of 1000's or stores around the world, most of us work out of our homes or have a small shop in town and rely on family and friends to help out. We are the true back bone of "living the American dream".

So the next time you're in town drive past the corporate commerce section and head towards the heart of the city where you'll find folks welcoming you with a smile, a hand shake and are honored to have you visit them. You just may find a unique experience that has long been forgotten; a joy in your heart that comes from helping others live their dream and possibly that one-of-a-kind gift that you know cannot be found at Wal-mart or Amazon.

And if you do your shopping online, go past the first 3 pages of your search, these are nothing but paid ads anyway.  Small business owners can't compete by advertising on those pages.  We rely on "hits, keywords, and reviews" to have our website rank up high in the search engines.  When you do find that unique e-commerce store, take time to look around and after your purchase be sure to return with a review or share out your "find" on your Facebook page.

Christmas Retro Wood Sign - Country Christmas Decor - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange

This holiday season, turn you home into a magical country Christmas to remember. Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it!
I invite you to take a look at the Country Christmas collection and please share your questions or comments below.
I'll be adding more unique Christmas decor, so stayed tuned, and check back often. Keep up with all the latest from Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange by liking us on Facebook or by creating your free account today.   

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