Which Egg Would You Want To Eat?

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Which egg would you want to eat?

Stove egg vs. farm fresh egg
More Nutritious: According to researchers, organic eggs from chickens raised on pasture-green grasses are much more nutritious than eggs that come from caged birds. Not only are our hens able to display natural behavior, including foraging for grasses and bugs which actually boosts vitamin and omega-3 fatty acid levels, they are free to roam around the farm and barn.
Chicken are sociable animals.  Everyday our chickens are interacted with.  They are not pets, however, we spend time with them in and out of their coop.  They are talked to while cleaning their area or during feeding times, held, and yes, we do pet them.  A less stressed chicken is happier which produces better, healthier, quality eggs. 
When chickens have access to outdoor space to roam and flex their feathers, they produce healthier eggs that contain a higher level of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Why we do not wash or refrigerate our eggs. Eggs have over 17,000 pores through which air passes. Washing the egg can cause the eggshell pores to contract, drawing bacteria into the egg.  A cold environment causes the same effect.  Placing a warm, washed egg directly from the nest into the refrigerator causes moisture to accumulate onto the egg, opening the pores, allowing bacteria to enter, thus possibly spoiling the egg. Eggs that are not washed or refrigerated can last up to 3 times longer than commercially grown refrigerated eggs.
Our eggs are gathered daily.  They are stored in cool environment, allowing the egg’s natural protective layer to “shell over”, thus protecting the luscious egg inside from any harmful bacteria.
Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamins: Organic eggs are much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional eggs, which is good for your heart and also contain 40 percent more vitamin A and two times as much vitamin E.
Reduced Chemical Exposure: Organic eggs are free of the chemical residues commonly found in conventional eggs tainted by antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful substances.

USDA & FDA Regulations: The USDA & FDA suggests you should wash and refrigerate your eggs after purchase as it is stated on the sides or backs of our cartons. We have never refrigerated our eggs.  Many countries around the world follow the same egg storing practices as we do. It's a fact that in Europe, eggs are required by law not to be refrigerated. So it is entirely up to you to wash and refrigerate your eggs or not.

Why We Charge $4.00 A Dozen?

Simply put, organic feed, fresh greens, fruit, and seeds cost money. Not to mention the cost of the cartons.  By purchasing our eggs your are ensured to get truly organic, cage free, country farm-fresh eggs that have a much richer taste than any store bought egg. 
Just because the big corporate egg producers found in the store have the words, "organic" on them does not necessarily mean they are; research has shown, for them it is just an advertising gimmick to get your to buy their eggs.  
When you purchase our eggs you are supporting your local farm and you know exactly where your food is coming from.

Why Choose Our Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs?

Taste: Not only do our chickens forage, they are fed a rich, healthy diet of fresh grass clippings, sunflower seeds, fresh chopped vegetables, naturally grown herbs, various seeds, grains, and fruit.  Our farm-fresh, organic eggs have a different flavor, which folks tell us, are the best tasting eggs they ever eaten and so much better than store-bought eggs. Our beloved hens produce eggs with a darker orange-yellow yolk that stands high in the skillet with a richer satisfying taste.  Here's our most recent double yolker.
Double Yolk Organic Cage Free Farm Fresh Eggs - Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange

Legal Notice & Disclaimer: 
Although we take every precaution to ensure our organic eggs are healthy and safe to eat, Back Porch Talkin’ Country Exchange will not assume any responsibility or be liable for any illness, sickness, or death that the consumer said occur from consuming eggs purchased from us. Simply put, once they leave the farm, we have no control on what you do with the eggs and we will not be held accountable for it.
Responsibility of egg consumption and/or any risks involved is that of the consumer's, not of Back Porch Talkin' Country Exchange, it's owners or affiliates.
Please read all "Safe Handling Instructions" printed on our cartons for properly storing and preparing eggs.

To read more about FDA & USDA requirements on organic eggs, click here.

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